gospel 7: take & give

Mark 14. 12-16, 22-26

I AM the Giver so take of Me.  I AM the Giver so give from Me.  I AM your hands so receive and distribute My blessings.  I AM giving you what you need, all the time, so take from Me – then give what others need, all the time.  Take from My Hands and give to one another’s hands, for I AM in the giving and in the taking.  I AM the Exchanger and the Exchanged.  I AM poured out for you, so you can pour me out to many.  Take what I AM offering to you of Myself:

I AM light-bringing. I AM coin-spending. I AM wind-whirling. I AM flavour-savouring. I AM tea-drinking. I AM food-distributing. I AM water-cleansing. I AM dirt-peeling. I AM pollen-gathering. I AM whisper-listening, I AM paint-brushing, I AM colour-spreading.  I AM laughter-bubbling.  I AM friend-sharing.  I AM surprise-giving.  I AM landscape-unfurling. I AM delight-bringing. I AM power-providing. I AM inspiration-exploding. I AM silence-presencing. I AM wave-watching. I AM staff-protecting. I AM hand-holding.  I AM strength-providing. I AM Wisdom-enlightening. I AM book-worming. I AM story-telling. I AM song-singing. I AM bread-breaking. I AM wine-flowing. I AM beauty-bearing before you.  I AM the frame for all that is; for all that is, I AM.  I AM asking you: Take all I AM.  I AM begging you: Give all I AM.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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