gospel 8: My signs

Mark 16.15-20

I AM Good. I AM News to be proclaimed.  Use the GoodName of I AM for it has power to transfigure and transform, power to reach all peoples in all places.  I AM accompanies you.  I AM your Companion as you share Me.  I AM your Companion as you speak about Me, of Me, with Me, in Me.  I AM your Companion as you touch others in healing so you too might be healed, might be restored, might be recovered.  How do you know the I AM is with you in all this?  See My Signs next to you – everywhere.  Everything declares I AM.  So let Me work with you so you can see, then you can show others where, how, who I AM.  I AM Sun, Moon and Stars.  I AM Night.  I AM Day.  I AM Colour.  I AM Salt of the Earth.  I AM Bread of Life.  I AM House of Light.  I AM Home in the Dark.  Hear Me in Brian Blessed’s bellows of poetry and prophecy.  Hear Me in the quiet shush of a hairbrush caressing a precious head.  See Me as the Child hesitating, contemplating her next important step.  See My Symbols arise from keyboard clicks, read My Revelations in the fingers’ moves, in the nails’ dance.  I AM Detail.  I AM Creator.  So watch My Radar, seek My protection from the coming storms.  I AM Paint Splash.  I AM Rest.  I AM your Support.  I AM Grafitti on a foreign wall screaming stories from voiceless victims.  I AM Simplicity.  I AM Raindrop.  I AM Hands reaching high for help.  I AM Care Package.  I AM First Aid.  I AM Charity.  I AM Supplier of all your needs.  I AM the Cleaner willing you to see your colour under your grime.  I AM Joker, displaying the true worth of your cravings for status and possessions.  I AM Sight in, for, your sore eyes.  I AM Teacher.  I AM Riddler.  I AM Questioner.  I AM Answer.  I AM your Hands.  Your Times are in My Hands.  I AM not gone; I AM Here.  Go: I AM working with you, and you can make it look like I AM.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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