gospel 6: Be on the watch for Me.

Mark 13.33-37

Aware of who I AM? 

Awake to where I AM?

Look.  I AM the ColourSwirler.  I AM the LightBearer.  I AM the StarGuider.  I AM the PrayerReceiver.  I AM the ViewFinder.  I AM the HealthBringer.  I AM the WisdomKeeper.

Look. I AM in the eyes of the poor.  

Look. I AM reflected in the eyes of the elderly.  

Look. I AM perfected by the eyes of the child.

Look up. I AM the WindHoverer.

Look out.  I AM the BeamDeliverer.

Look up and out.  I AM the ShieldSteadier.  I AM the ProtectionCoverer.  I AM the RescueRemedy.  I AM the GuardianGreeter.  I AM the NewsGatherer.  I AM the InformationCollector.  I AM the WeatherWarner.  I AM the BroadCaster.  I AM the SignalSender.

Look.  I AM rising in the East.  

Look.  I AM moving in the South.  

Listen.  I AM whispering in the North.  

Listen.  I AM singing in the West.

Look through with Me: I AM the NightsEyes.  I AM the RestEaser.  I AM the DreamDelighter.  

Look down with Me: I AM the MudSquelcher. I AM the WellingtonBootDancer. I AM the PuddleJumper. I AM the DirtPieMaker. I AM the SoilTreasurer.

Look below with Me: I AM theEarthMover. I AM the DarkMiner. I AM the TrackBetween. I AM the LineLaidAlong. I AM the TunnelTraveller.

Look along with Me: I Am the TimeWeaver.  I AM the ThreadIntwiner.  I AM the Warp and the Weft.  I AM the PatternPlayer.  I AM the ShapeBinder.  I AM the HandHolder.  I AM the FingerShaper.  I AM the WorkAllocator.  I AM the JobProvider.  I AM the SkillSharer.  I AM the OpportunityCreator.

Look.  I AM the DoorWay. I AM the Threshold.  I AM the ArchShaper.  I AM the KeyHolder.

Look.  I AM the StemGrower.  I AM the LeafGreener.  I AM the AbundanceGiver.  I AM the FreshBrancher.  I AM the BlossomBringer.  I AM the FruitFormer.  I AM the NewComer.  I AM the ReliableReturner.

Who do you say I AM?  

Where do you look for Me?  

What do you hear Me tell you?

You do not know?

Look. Look in. Watch. Inside of you I AM.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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