gospel 3: Peace. Be Still.

Mark 4.35-41

Do you really not know that I AM With You – always – even to the end of time?  I AM with you  when you feel you are drowning, sinking, perishing.  I AM seeing your fears, and your fear of fear itself.  I AM hearing your shouts, your screams, your silent, desperate cries which all say you are being overwhelmed, that you are just not ‘enough’ to face all your present circumstances.  I AM knowing you think I AM not caring about how it is with you at this moment.  So, hear again: I AM the CareTaker.  I AM the StormWrestler.  I AM the WindCalmer.    I AM the WaveSoother.  I AM all creation and all creation is Me.  I AM asking you to be a StormRider who, at the very centre of the turmoil, still knows I AM Peace, so in your heart you can be still.  Cease your restless crowd-joining, searching for a glimpse of a celebrity to affirm you.  Cease your tears over that you cannot change, over what you think you need, and cannot have.  Cease your warmongering – put down your noisy guns and listen: hear what your perceived enemy has to say and hear their fears echo your fears, only then start speaking, and only from that still place which is where I AM PeaceFull.  Prick up your ears and practice alertness for I AM going to the other side, over there, and I AM asking you to come with Me.  Indeed, you are My vessel, my means of making this journey, and I AM asking you to take me.  Put down your Maps, for I AM Guide and I AM Guidance.  I AM Director and I AM Directions.  Put down your devices for capturing and connecting  and wait.  For I AM DeliveryDriver posting My Surprise through your door and it will be exactly what you need for now.  Put down the burdens you are carrying, cease the tasks you are rushing to fulfil, for all the people you think you have to serve.  Cease your hurrying to the market to buy, acquire, hoard, for I AM Abundance, and there is no possible scarcity in Me.  Cease spending your money on what will not last, on what will harm yourself, injure another, poison your planet.  Stop all this, and you will be able to see who I AM, to perceive where I AM, to understand what I AM wanting you to become.

Come, I AM RockSolid: sit on me, stare and let your gaze rest where it will.

Come, I AM LifeWater: dive into Me, be refreshed and learn how to float.

Come I AM WorldVoyager: cruise with Me, be safe with Me and discover what’s just over there.

Come, I AM here; here is an opportunity to see Me.

Come, be still, be at peace, know I AM.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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