gospel: scatter, sprout & grow

Mark 4.26-34

All that is comes from all that I AM.  You do not know how My Life begins, or if you can guess at  how, you will never know why I AM Life.  You will all know who I AM differently.  For I AM Creator.  I AM Creation.  You will all hear who I AM differently.  For I AM Storyteller.  I AM the story.  Whatever you can imagine, from the smallest to the greatest thing, I AM.  I AM waiting for you to discover who this I AM is who wants to be with you in every breath, in every act, in every conceivable way.  So come and hear who I AM because I AM longing to co-create with you.  I AM Seed.  I AM Sower.  I AM Nursery.  I AM Incubator.  I AM the Gardener.  I AM the Unfurler.  I AM the Big-Bold-Bloomer.  I AM longing for your flourishing and your flowering.  I AM the Ground of All Being.  I AM Earth.  I AM Compost.  I AM Fertiliser.  I AM the Grower.  I AM the Planter.  I AM the Digger.  I AM the Origin.  I AM Potential.  I AM Energy lying dormant until you scatter Me wherever you go.  I AM Voice.  I AM Echo.  I AM Song.  I AM Tune.  I AM Rhythm.  I AM Note.  I AM the Amplifier.  I AM Radio-Waves, Sound-Waves, Light-Waves.  I AM Satellites.  I AM Cables.  I AM the Transmitter.  I AM the Blank Page.  I AM the Scribe.  I AM the Scribble.  I AM the Message.  I AM the Messenger.  Read who I AM.  Hear the real story of who I AM-with-you.  Disseminate what you learn of Me in all directions, let the winds and the birds of the Spirit take it to all who need to hear it.   I AM the Welcome.  I am the Greeting.  I AM Inclusion.  I AM the Distributor.  I AM the Deliverer.  I AM the Light-Spreader asking you to sow My Light.  I  AM taking root in unlikely and unexpected places.  I AM broadcasting who I AM like ripples – a single flame, a single seed or bean, a single drop of My Waters of Life, and the ripples will fan out.  The consequences of your one small act with Me could be vast!  So get curious about who I AM and where I AM and what I AM doing.  

Come, take flight with Me, fly into Me.

Come, build your nest in My arms.

Come, let My Sun ripen you; let My Moon strengthen you.

Come, let My directions guide you.

Come, speak with Me.

Come, spend time with Me.

Come, cross over into My Wildness.

Come, you will find I AM all Abundance.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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