gospel 1: near

Mark 1. 12-15

I AM the Ancient of Days who holds a hand over you in the sign of blessing and peace.  I AM in every particle of light, in every hue and tone of colour beyond your naming.  I AM the glorylight at the beginning and end of each day – whether you behold Me or not.  I AM in every beat of your precious heart.  I AM holding you.  I AM in the poets and the prophets and the preachers and the teachers who talk of Wisdom, of Justice, of Mercy, of Love.  I AM an open window beckoning you in to Me, and out to Me, every moment of every day.  I AM in the fresh air you need to blow away your cobwebs, to enlighten your dusty, musty corners.  I AM the Invitation to throw yourself open to Me.  I AM in every tick of Time, adjust Me how you will, play with Me how you might, but your times remain safe in My hands.  I AM in the music, in the triumph of trumpets, in the horn blasts of warning, in the reveille for the dead.  I AM in the eyes of the wild beasts who accompany you, inside and out: those you love and those in your terror you demonise and reject.  I AM in the Earth I ask you to steward, in those rocks you want to break open to build, in the action of muscle and sweat of your labours for the good of all.  I AM in the very ground you touch and tread, I AM the Way you walk.  I AM in the blessing of the stranger, the foreigner, the faithful from all faiths.  I AM in the smile  of the wounded child who needs your succour and your protection.  I AM Sophia, Wisdom, calling in the streets, the Counsellor of Princes and peoples everywhere.  I AM the collector of sacred pollen to feed the earth, I AM the maker of the honey which heals.  I AM near you  – in, through, around, above, below all this – near you in your next breath and beat of your heart.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

3 thoughts on “gospel 1: near

  1. Thank you. Thanks. An image and thoughts to read and reread, to embrace, for discovery, delighted realisation. Wow. Karen

    Op zo 6 mrt. 2022 02:17 schreef image into ikon :

    > Kate Kennington Steer posted: ” Mark 1. 12-15 I AM the Ancient of Days who > holds a hand over you in the sign of blessing and peace. I AM in every > particle of light, in every hue and tone of colour beyond your naming. I > AM the glorylight at the beginning and end of each day – wheth” >


  2. Answering Divina

    Still inhaling this gospel
    Through tiny cracks and fissures
    Seeping past tough thick fiber of unrest
    Arcing from nearest to dear one while I hover
    Emanating from the many boxes
    The holiness of life invested
    I tawt I taw it on tv
    And in the bright spring sunshine –
    Veils of friendship, frayed, stretched overly
    yet somehow in its shining vestiges
    In newfound places where fear is no longer
    And perhaps we dare to see
    Frailty helps.
    And in all the glimpsed depths among the notes
    Shimmerings of stillness and faith
    I have been bereft among such immanence
    The weaving rudely cut from its loom.
    Really? Really. The shame of it, the desolate guilting
    Smarted, a frightening blandness
    Desertsfull, oceanwide triteness oozing regrets
    Yet still, there was a shapedness
    Around the empty, a matter of course,
    Waiting, reaching, reminiscent,
    Trust, and hope, and the greatest of these is
    I AM

    (I wish I could post a picture too)


    1. Dear Karen, this is such a treasure to read – thank you – a many-layered thing of beauty which resonates with so much of my experience … a confirmation (if I needed it …. yes, I do…) that others travel parts of the same journey I do. “newfound places where fear is no longer” Yes. “and perhaps we dare to see/Frailty helps” Yes. We virtual soul-sisters connected by threads others don’t see, know that wisdom is often found shining when we share our vulnerabilities one with another, and generate new tapestries, new warps and wefts, that bind us tightly into the Great Belonging, where love conquers fear every time, where love is and is where we don’t have to search to find. Blessings on you Karen in all your continued reflecting and connecting. K xx


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