gospel 4: overcome with amazement

Mark 5.21-24, 35b-43

I AM with you, remember?  So let go: be overcome by all I AM.  Cease your weeping, I AM Healing.  Cease your commotion, I AM Healing.  Cease your attachment to hopelessness, I AM Healing.  How else will you hear who I AM?  How else will you see who I AM? How else will you recognise the works of wonder I AM?  Peace.  Be Still.  

Now, come with Me and let Me overcome you:

Let Me bring precious gifts from foreign lands to all your newborn, fragile, vulnerable, small, childlike, naked places.  Allow Me to show you the view from the highest of Mountains, then let Me take you out of this troposphere and see all I AM from there.  

Let Me guide you down the mysteries of Time and show you the dead shapes of the monsters you so feared.  Allow Me to hold the hands I made, the hands I AM engraving My Name with yours into each line and wrinkle, so there is no need to hide them from me (remember? I was with you when each bump and mark became your existence, whether you saw Me or not).

Let Me flood you with the colour of clouds and the paint of petals.  Let Me show you how I AM a single water drop ready to fall after the rain, and at the same time how I AM thunderous gallons of water thrown up and splashed into rainbows (remember? I AM with you always).

I AM Song so allow Me to sing through you.  I AM Vision so allow Me to appear through you.  I AM Question so allow Me to be asked by you.  I AM Answer so allow Me to tell My Story by you.  I AM Healing so allow Me to lay My hands on you.  I AM Healing so now your hands are My Emergency Service so allow Me to place them where I AM needed.  I AM Healing so be healed by healing others, be healed by seeing how, with your help, they could be wholed to heal in their turn.

Gaze at all I AM, from the butterfly to the black hole, from the stained-glass window to the world-wide-web.  Be overcome by Me.  Welcome Me in.  

For I AM Healing and I AM Amazing.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

3 thoughts on “gospel 4: overcome with amazement

  1. I have continued to appreciate your Weekly” I Ams” and Collages, Kate. Today’s was manna with confirmations I really really needed today – the timing and healing itself through your gift – further confirmation of all its content. (Remember???) Thank you SO very much.
    Sincerely, Judith


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