whole: Christmas Day

Where is that place apart

you summon us? Noisily

we seek it and have no time

to stay.  Stars are distant; 

is it more distant still, 

out in the dark in the shadow

of thought itself?  No wonder

it recedes as we calculate

its proximity in light years.

Maybe we were mistaken

at the beginning or took later

a wrong turning.  In curved space

one can travel for ever and not recognise

one’s arrivals.  I feel rather

you are at our shoulder, whispering

of the still pool we could sit down

by; of the tree of quietness 

that is at hand; cautioning us

to prepare not for the breathless journeys

into confusion, but for the stepping

aside through the invisible

veil that is about us into a state

not place of innocence and delight.



Holy. Holy. Holy. Hale. Heal. Whole.

As I come again to celebrate how the Holy One is with me, with us, with the earth, with the cosmos, may my seeingdarkly be deepened so I can ‘step aside through the invisible’ today.  May I glimpse, recognise and encounter You, face to face, in whatever and whoever is ‘at hand’ before me today.  May I hear my heart’s desire to ‘seek … and stay’ and be wholed, healed, by You.

With all Christmas blessings on you, and in deep gratitude for your pilgrim company beside me on the journey of this Advent,


the tree of quietness. Canon 7D. f5.6. 1/13. ISO 100.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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