Christmas Day 2019

May all the blessings of the One who is Light and Dark in our dark and our light, be on you, this day and for evermore.  Amen.


Word whose breath is the world-circling atmosphere,

Word that utters the world that turns the wind,

Word that articulates the bird that speeds upon the air,


Word that blazes out the trumpet of the sun,

Whose silence is the violin-music of the stars,

Whose melody is the dawn, and harmony the night,


Word traced in water of lakes, and light on water,

Light on still water, moving water, waterfall

And water colours of cloud, of dew, of spectral rain,


Word inscribed on stone, mountain range upon range of stone,

Word that is fire of the sun and fire within

Order of atoms, crystalline symmetry,


Grammar of five-fold rose and six-fold lily,

Spiral of leaves on a bough, helix of shells,

Rotation of twining plants on axes of darkness and light,


Instinctive wisdom of fish and lion and ram,

Rhythm of generation in flagellate and fern,

Flash of fin, beat of wing, heartbeat, beat of the dance,


Hieroglyph in whose exact precision is defined

Feather and insect-wing, refraction of multiple eyes,

Eyes of the creatures, oh myriadfold vision of the world,


Statement of mystery, how shall we name

A spirit clothed in world, a world made man?


‘Word Made Flesh’

Kathleen Raine

myriadfold vision (bl)myriadfold vision. iPhone image.

Published by Kate Kennington Steer

writer, photographer and visual artist

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